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Published: 28th April 2010
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Judgment Recovery Courses for dummies.
Judgment recovery courses are showing up everywhere on folks' radar.
There's a reason people pick our program over overs: Our program allows you to get the money without being a debt collector!
This is the hottest, newest system on the planet. You learn how to uncover hidden funds and kept them back to the owner.. And you avoid finder fee caps using this outrageous method.
{An accepted and very profitable, busing, judgment recovery has thousands of followers. And most are doing the biz the same way its been done for decades. The issue with all the available programs? Most programs call you something else, but in the end, you are still the dreaded debt collector on the phone.
The system we put together makes traditional judgment recovery look like a shoe shining operation. The program will teach you how to find the best kept secret on the planet - hidden blocks of cash where the folks entitled are being ripped off by the government. And we'll show you how to claim the money for yourself.
If you think this is lame unclaimed money, nope. This is a seriously well-kept secret.
Anyone ever mentioned remainders, or surplus funds, to you? They come from property sold at foreclosure. With mortgage overages, this is the only system available. Continue reading and get the scoop.
Let's start at the beginning. A property gets auctioned off at foreclosure. It sells for above and beyond what the mortgage company is trying to recoup. Have any idea where this money goes? If you guessed the bank, you'd be wrong. .
The county courthouse gets an overage check from the foreclosing entity's attorney.
The court has a fiduciary responsibility to notify everyone with a prospective interest in this excess proceeds. There are 3 major possible types of rightful owners for this property. Of course, at the front of the list are equity line and mortgage holders.
You can also see judgment holders as entitled to these monies. Once mortgages and judgments are satisfied, the owner is next up to receive overages.
Once the surplus funds are identified, its a simple process to claim the monies. You can claim the overages regardless of who the right owner is
Starting to see why this blows judgment recovery away yet?. That's right - the difference is you're going after monies being held in trust!. You never have to garnishee wages. You wear the white hat, and you can make crazy money while doing it. Complete e-book program is now under $300.
The only competition is a system that goes after tax sale overages. These are rare and harder to work. And that program goes for over fifteen hundred big ones.
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judgment recovery course
judgment recovery courses

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